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How To Burn Divx Dvd



I have Toast 11 Pro. I have used it to convert an M4V file using Toast's DIVX HD option, which created a 335 MB MKV file. Now how do the MKV file to a DVD to watch on my DIVX-capable Blu-Ray player? I tried burning to a PC/Mac DVD and an ISO 9660 but the Panasonic player doesn't recognize either.


Reading other web sites (of course), it would appear that Blu-Ray players can't read MKV-DIVX files, so this feature is utterly worthless to me. Why hasn't Toast made it possible to burn a DIVX disk that can be used in the millions of capable players?


Does Roxio provide Word One about how to use this (alleged) capability of Toast?


I've gone through a lot of versions of Toast, and I find version 11 to be the most confusing ever.

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You removed the description of your issue but your heading asks how to burn a DivX disc. Those are burned as data discs. You will need to have the pro version of the DivX software (or Toast 8 or 9) to encode video to the older DivX specifications. Toast 11 can create a DivX Plus HD file but only a few players currently support that format. There is information about DivX Plus HD players at the DivX site.

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