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Create Dvds - Generate Chapter Menus Checkbox Missing

LIttle D


I am trying to create a DVD comprised of about 20 video files with chapters and menus.

Step 1: Open "Create DVD"

Step 2: Add New Movie (More than one video clip)

Content is added, and the clips appear in the project view movies tab.


I would now like to edit / add transitions etc the video clips. When I click on "edit movie", it only shows a single clip in the storyline / timeline views. I cannot edit the movie as a whole. This is the first problem.


I then tried starting with a single clip, and then when editing this clip, adding more to it. This works. The problem then becomes that when I click back on the "Back to DVD" for the menus and so on, the clips I have added do not show up in the project view movies listing. When I click on edit chapters, insert chapter at start of each panel, it does not register in the project view chapter listing.


I have read the help files and these forums, and I am told that I should have a box that I can tick the says "generate chapter menu's", or "update chapter menu's". Well, I have looked everywhere for these boxes, and don't believe they exist on my legally purchased version (through Costco) of this software. What can I do? Notice on the screen shot that in the project view there are 3 clips, but there are 6 videos in the edit chapters pop up box. I simply cannot get these to synchronise.


post-95475-076378200 1306389992.jpg

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