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Number Of Pics The Slideshow Can Hold



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From an IM:

i'm trying to use mydvd 2010 version. i've had it for a while and have had no problems with it...up until now. i've been trying to use it and all of a sudden, when i pull it up, none of the options for changing menus, menu backgrounds (or anything else in that section) or even under the "project view" section - the menu option are available! it goes straight to adding movies and automatically starts playing whatever video i added. not only that, but i can't get it to turn off the movie, either. do you know what's going on? i've made lots of dvds with multiple videos and slideshows all on the disc with different backgrounds and music in the past. within the last month, this problem started happening! any help is appreciated since tech support is not willing to help.



That casts a little more info on the problem...


What you described indicates that you have selected a No Menu Project in MyDVD :huh:


What you need to do to get back to "normal" is File - New Project - DVD.


That should do the trick ;)


Keep in mind that the recommended workflow is to develope your Project in VideoWave (Edit Video-Advanced) until you have things as you like. Then go into MyDVD and add the project.

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