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I'm new to the RC-11 community/program and I need help creating disk labels. The label printing paper I'm using has 2 labels per page and I can't figure out how to copy/set the page to print the same label twice on a page. I know this is a juevenile question, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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I'm not certain of this, but I'm answering in case I can help before the regulars log on in the morning.


I don't trust paper labels, so I print direct to disc. However I think you can only print one label per operation, and you need to turn the paper round to print the second label.




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I agree on the printed labels for DVDs. Dangerous to people and equipment.


Actually, you should eb able to click on the icons of the discs where it shows the two lables and select which or both will be printed.


One selected:



post-58-077309100 1307188257.jpg



Two selected


post-58-045043500 1307188269.jpg

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Just a caveat there - it will print two identical labels on the one run - what it won't do is print two different ones. For that you have to reverse the paper and do a second run


You are correct. No version of the Roxio Label Creator has been near as good as something as simple as the free Neato MediaFace program from 12 years ago. :mellow:


Creating labels isn't something Adaptec/Roxio/Sonic has concentrated on. Perhaps the new owner, Rovi, will try to improve it.

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