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Get video clips from MyDVD to Videowave



I am new to EMC8. I trimmed an AVI file using MyDVD>Adjust Duration method. I now have 17 video clips in a MyDVD Project. Is it possible to get these clips into Videowave as 17 clips also?


My ultimate goal is to combine these clips with photos for a family DVD. I am a little confused on the difference between Videowave & MyDVD. But it looks like Videowave is what I should be using. I just do not want to have to edit/trim these videos again.


Please advise on how to get the clips into Videowave --if that is the part of the suite I should use.



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I just do not want to have to edit/trim these videos again
Unfortunately, there is no choice. Once edited in MyDVD, it is saved as a MyDVD project. As far as I know, Videowave can not open MyDVD project files. You are correct. Videowave is the 'editor' and you should start with it. MyDVD is more for creating the DVD menus, chapter marks, etc.


I don' t think that the 'edit movie' in MyDVD was intended for full video editing although it does have alot of the features.

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