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Video Conversions Funnies...



Is it just me or are others finding that the video conversion tool does not quite work right and the video player has some problems too?


Because Toast 11 only converts .Tivo files to 640xsomething and lower, I used the open source command line program tivodecode to generate a straight MPEG-2 file at full 1080p resolution from the .Tivo file. From there I tried trimming the video using the Edit button at the right of the video conversion window after dragging my MPEG-2 file in that window. After setting the start and stop times, I ended with a 1:50 clip and proceeded to convert, using a variety of output formats, as a test. None of the conversions resulted in a 1 minute 50 seconds clip. They were all at 1:22! What gives?


After failing to get a proper conversion from the whole 1 hour show into an MPEG-4 at full resolution (1080p), I proceeded to use HandBrake for that task, keeping the same video resolution and using the AAC audio instead of the Dolby 5.1 AC3 channel. The resulting .m4v file (about 1/3 of the size of the original MPEG-2 file) plays just fine with QuickTime Player and with VLC but the audio has a few seconds of lag on the video when played with the Roxio player: totally unwatchable! Has anyone seen something similar?


All I have to say is that so far, I am not overly impressed with Toast 11... :(

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Technically the TiVo video isn't 1080p but is 1080i or is 720p depending on the source. I thought this editor was working well but I'll check it out. I've done the same as you to work around TiVo's restriction on the size of exported videos.

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