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Problems Burning Multiple Movies On One Dvd



Hi all , I just " upgraded " to Toast 11 and Snow Leopard . I used Toast 8 without issues for years ! Set it for DIVX drag over 4 or 5 movies and burn ( NTSC or Pal .... it didn't seem to care ).... done in 12 minutes or so. This thing ( toast 11 ) I drag over 2 or 3 and at the bottom will say I still have room left on the dvd , but when I hit burn all of a sudden they add up to over 7 gigs when each movie is only 700 - 900 mb ???????? Not to mention the hoops you have to jump through to get there ..


Anyone know how to how to help an old guy fix this mess ? I spent almost 100 bucks on this thing .... seems to be more trouble than anything.


MUCH appreciated in advance.



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Roxio discontinued the DivX disc feature in Toast after Toast 9. You can still make a DivX disc from existing DivX videos by using the Data window and choosing ISO 9660 as the format.


If you had chosen DVD video as the format in Toast 8 it would do the same thing as you're getting with Toast 11 as far as the re-encoding and making the file size larger. That's just the way it is with MPEG 2 video compared with the MPEG 4 DivX files.


You should keep Toast 8 around if you want to encode video from other formats into DivX format.

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