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The Null Corp


I put together a new system a month or so ago and am now ripping my entire cd library into mp3's. Every so often I'll get a cd and gracenote pulls up matches, I go to select correct artist/album then click on Accept Match. Then for some reason Artist/Album is listed as unknown, and all the tracks are listed as "01- Track" and so on. What's the deal? Is there a workaround or resolution for this? I've shutdown the program and reinserted the cd, I've restarted the puter and started Roxio back up and same thing:( Latest cd in question is Nelly Furtado - Loose. I'll try and find the others that have been giving me the same issue and list them here.

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It could be that the entry you selected in the Gracenote database is corrupt, or has not been filled in properly by whomever submitted it.


Normally the first entry you select for any particular CD is the one you're stuck with, but it is possible to clear the database that Creator 2011 maintains on CDs which have been scanned. If you did that, you could put your CD back into the drive and it would be scanned as if it had never been in your machine before. That would allow you to select a different entry from Gracenote, and see if your next selection is more useful.


To clear the database in an XP machine, go to Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp and delete or rename the file cddb.db which is in that folder. [%username% is the name of your account on your computer.]


In Windows 7, look in \Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\RoxioCentral for cddb.db




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