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What If?

DJ Thrillz


what if i just bought this program creator 2011, and my computer crashes or just plain doesnt work anymore... will i have to buy the product again to put it on another machine? or is there one of those maximum usage type things like 3 or 5 times or a certain number of different machines it can be used on? i ask because i just got it last night, and my computer started acting funny after i opened a bad email. first thing i thought of was nooooooooooooooooooo lol cus i just shelled out $100 for the program. anyways does anyone know what the procedure is? or what could be done just in case? i ordered the program from the online store and also bought an extra backup cd, i just need to know if i can install it on my desktop if the laptop goes bad. thanks!

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Hi again,


It's all in the EULA, but to save you having to look it up and read the fine print you're allowed to run it on one computer. There's no legal problems with taking the retail Creator off one computer and putting it on another.


If you don't buy an extra backup CD, you should always make your own backup of the download as soon as possible so you're not caught short if a calamity happens and breaks or wipes your hard drive.




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ok good.... i have a bad feeling i will be needing to install it on the other pc soon. thanks :)


Sorry to hear that.


If I may butt in here: Since Brendon is on the other side of the world he may be unavailable. If you have to change the program to a different PC, make sure you do all of this for the best installation experience (link) The firmware update will not be need until and if you have disc burning issues.

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