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Program Freezing On (Finishing) And Failure To Burn To Disk




I have installed Roxio Easy DVD to VHS on Windows 7 OS. I have no problems running the software, connection to the VCR is good, when I stop the recording (on'Record DVD') the message comes up 'finishing' and states that it will take several minutes to complete. This is the last point that I have any control over the program. I have left it for up to a couple of hours once to give it chance to finish, but, it never does. I cannot shut the program down either, without going into task manager. When I have shut down the program, I cannot remove the disk from the drive until I reboot the PC. On viewing the disk I can see that something substantial has been burned to it but, when I insert the disk into a DVD player or PC DVD drive I get the message 'BAD DISK'. Can you help please? Kind regards. :blink:

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That is not the length of time we would expect it to take, but it is not unheard of either??? :glare:


Need some more info from you about this!


You PC specs, like I have in my signature block.


And how long are you capturing?


Generally, if you are trying to put more than 1 hour on a single DVD it will take forever while it tries to compress each and every frame to make it fit :o


Likewise, more than an hour will lose so much quality it won’t ever be worth looking at :(


Might be a real good idea to have a disc or 2 of DVD RW on hand for testing and learning ;)

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Hi Jim,

thanks for your response, I am running Windows 7 home premium (64 bit), with a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 4000+ 2.10 Ghz and 2 GB RAM. I have tried reinstalling the software with no further progress. I am trying to convert around 1 hour 10 mins on average, but, have had no success as yet. When I press the stop button after the required video footage has ended, the information bar at the top of the page informs me that the program is not responding, ie (Roxio Easy VHS to DVD (Not responding)). The 'Finishing....' prompt is still there but the rotating counter is frozen. Then about 5 mins later a box opens up stating 'Error writing to disk' with a box to 'OK'. Having accepted this statement the program continues 'Finishing...' and doesn't stop. I then have to go into the task manager to end the program.. :blink:

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OK Nigel, your PC looks up to the task so let’s try this in a different direction.


You are probably OK, but lets confirm you have a Win7 Compatible Version/Build… Look under Support – About and you should have a Build starting with ‘201B’.


You have been using Plug & Burn, where it captures, processes and burns a disc in one continuous motion… (none of us recommend doing it that way ;) )


What I want to try is breaking it up into the individual separate steps to see if we can pin down where it fails.


When you start V2D select the Record – Edit – Save


post-39730-027471000 1307960200.jpg


Do a short Capture, 30 seconds is fine and stop it.


Pick the Export and chose one of the file options so you don’t have to burn a disc, “Archive” is a good one.


post-39730-054171700 1307960148.jpg


If you have a DVD RW disc at hand, use that and burn one to disc to see how it handles it.


If this works, go longer, say ½ hour???


The stored files will go into directories in your Video Library:


post-39730-041235000 1307960150.jpg


See how that works out for you ;)

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