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Easy Vhs To Dvd Will Not Open



Installed easy VHS to DVD disc. The program attemots to open but never leave the blue window. I have heard there were problems with the drivers on the discs. Does anyone know how I can resolve. I have uninstalled the program and already tried to reinstall...same results. The Sound editor runs fine.

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:lol::D:lol: of course the Catch 22 is that if it doesnt run, you cant read the Version or Build numbers…


Look at your box, make absolutely sure you have the Win7 Compatibility logo in the lower right corner!


post-39730-095532300 1307990623.jpg


If it isnt there, it will never work!


Lets assume it does have the logo. Try this...


Remove the USB capture device from the room!!! :huh:


Do the Prep Steps to the letter!


Then start to install of the Suite, only pick Repair when it is offered.


ONLY AFTER you reboot, may the USB capture device be returned to the room ;)

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Thanks for your reply, Jim. As it happens Windows 7 located the drivers and installed them correctly after simply plugging the capture card into a different port. I am now up and running, and mom is pleased to see her archive of instructional watercolour videos being preserved for posterity.

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