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Label Creator Files From Easy Media Creator 7


We have hundreds of jwl files created by Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 on an XP machine - new machine OS is Vista. What version could I get hold of that would use those jwl files on a Vista machine ?

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Posted in the Easy Media Creator 10 section but I guess this might work in Creator 9 as well. The problem: we have hundreds of jwl files created in Easy Media Creator 7 on an XP machine. OS is now changed to Vista on a new machine........I know Easy Media Creator 9 will work on Vista but will it enable us to use the jwl files from Easy Media Creator 7? Desperate !!

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I'm not sure why you posted your messages in the EMC 9 and EMC 10 forums since they concern EMC 7, but no matter - they're here now.


Your version 7 .JWL files won't be much use to you in another Easy Media Creator version. Roxio has never advertised backwards compatibility of their project files. You'll get some limited function from .JWL files made by a lower version of Roxio Label Creator than the program you're using, but very often you'll not be able to use saved files from a higher version at all.


e.g. In version 7.0 a few minutes ago I got this message when trying to use .JWL files saved by version 7.5

post-208-063635200 1308541037.jpg



So it seems likely that the only way you're going to be able to use your version 7.x .JWL files is to install the same version of Label Creator that you saved them with, into your Vista Operating System. EMC 9 is Vista compatible, but won't help you much with version 7 JWL files.


EMC 7.x is not fully compatible with Vista, but many parts of it will install and work in Vista. I have EMC 7.5 working in Windows 7 32-bit, and most of it still works. Label Creator certainly does.

I have just installed EMC 7.0.353 into Vista Home Premium, and Label Creator seems to be working well. Unconventional though it is, you might find this worth trying if you want to use your old .JWL files.


When I was installing EMC 7, the first hiccup I got was about Napster. I ignored that and ploughed onwards.

Then I got a 'Block notice' on Setup_WM.exe

post-208-009609900 1308541646.jpg


I just hit the 'Cancel' button and ignored that, and the installation carried on to completion.




I haven't taken the time to see what other parts of this old EMC 7 software will not work in this old Vista Operating System, but the Roxio Label Creator does work and EMC 7 doesn't seem to have broken any parts of Vista. Please post a result here to let others know if it solves your problem.




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