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Roxio Game Cap Not Working Well All Of A Sudden.



I've never had any problems with it until today. I go to plug it in run the software it comes with and when i have my Tv in HD on my PS3

and have the capturing setting correct (NTSC-M and the Input 480/720/1080) it's very buggy on the bottom half of the preview screen

and records all the buggy stuff.


When i switch my PS3 to 480i and the capture settings to (NTSC-M Input:480/576) it's not buggy but it way too slow and laggy.


I've tried changing the regions (NTSC, PAL, ect) and messing with the setting, but nothing seems to work.


My only theory is problems with the wires, but they appear to be fine.


My PC Definitely Meets the Specs.


2.4ghz AMD Turion X2

512mb Ati Radeon HD 5140

4GB Ram

400 GB Free Space

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Hmm seems to work fine when my computer's monitor resolution is set to 1280X720 instead of the Default 1366X768...

really weird.


Hello ilikerhinos,


You try another software in 1366X768 resolution??


Make test. Use this tutorial and post here your results.



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