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Black Screen



:angry2: Blah, first off, I have to re-type ALL this over again, cause the pic uploader went off to la-la land with other options about uploading n cleared the screen. (yes i will be sure to copy all this to notepad b4 trying pics again ;)



On with the drama :)


Software:201B23A, VHS

Disk. w/hardware


OS: XP pro (hey i like it) w/ SP3



ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 motherboard.

Core i7-2600K (unlocked multiplier)

(U don't wanna even know where it sits) (w/ 2X fan n liquid lines)

18GB = (3x4GB Gskill)+(3x2GB Gskill) @ 1600Mhz 8-8-8-20-2n

2 x XFX 5770 1GB in x-Fire.

Video card:two MSI Geforce GTX 570 w/2GB of VRAM on each card

w/ coolers. (liquid)

USB 3.0

Samsung F3 1TB HDD

pulling juice from a Silverstone 1000W 80 PLUS SILVER Certified Mod.

Sound is from a Creative Labs 7.1 24-bit

96KHz PCI-E 1x Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium


All from Hardware-Revolution.com :ninja:


I'm not exactly a n00b using video software, but THIS issue has me a lil goofy :blink:


Problem: Start up is fine, Video and sound shows good. Then entire screen goes BLACK. (Just the program screen, Not the computer) You cannot see anything except the video. No controls at all!


Solutions tried: Device Manager/Repair , Un-install/Re-Install. Clean system then Re-Install. MSCONFIG/ stop all extra junk from starting.


Carried Product back and swapped it for a new one. Did some house cleaning before installing again (yes put the capture card in before installing)


Same result :mellow:


Checked All connections, (no jumpers, directly from source to card) changed input source to a different video source, same result.


I did notice that PresentationFontCache.exe and VCGProxyFileManagerVHS.exe

start with the main exe, and both are munching resources like pirahnas.


So, i figured it was a conflict on my box, so i jumped it out n installed on my older puter (xp pro w/sp3, i5, 8gb etc...) SAME RESULT!


2 Computers, 2 install disks, same results.

Any Ideas? :blink:

Before and After screen shots below:

post-96215-048557500 1308651652.jpgpost-96215-083725300 1308651664.jpgpost-96215-081918800 1308651684.jpgpost-96215-071075500 1308651694.jpg

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