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Camcorder "passthrough" Operation



I bought a new HP desk top last Dec(w/Win7) to replace my faithful Sony (w/Win XP).I installed Creator 2011 last Jan and found that it will not recognize my camcorder (w/firewire-IEEE1394)when I try to "pass through" from a VCR! I can see the video on the left, but all the control buttons are gray and it says "no media". I did install the IEEE legacy driver, with no change in the symtoms. I have no problem importing digital tape (in the camcorder). My old Sony system came with a program called click to DVD

(that was created by Roxio!), but it only supported single layer DVD. But I never had a problem converting analog to digital using the camcorder/IEEE1394 in "pass through"

operation. I have been trying for months to get help from Roxio customer service, but with no resolution. It is as though they jump on the expression "unable to capture"

and ignore the part about "pass through". I have a large library of VHS tapes that I shot of musician friends and the only way I can transfer to DVD is by re-recording

in the camcorder and then playing back w/IEEE1394! Any advice will be appreciated. I have given up on Roxio customer support.

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The “pass through” is irrelevant…


Win7 made a lot of 1394 devices useless. I have one camcorder that works under 1394 Legacy and another + a $200 Analog to Digital Converter that will not work in Win7. So is the price of progress:(


One last stab you can try :glare:


Windows Movie Maker can capture from Firewire. Download and try it.


If it too will not work with your camcorder then we need to move on to Plan B ;)

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Thanks for the tip Jim and I will try it. I guess I could also purchase the Roxio VHS-USB convertor ($50).

I just received a message from Roxio customer support saying that they are sorry that they were unable to help and they offered to return my purchase price!

I just can't believe that I am the first person to have this problem (sigh!!).

I enjoy reading your advice--please keep it up.

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Some alternatives…


Add another HDD to your PC:

And install an older OS on it, like XP or Vista :)


This would allow you to use the BIOS option to pick which one to use to boot from AND gives you more storage space


WMM for Win7: WMM

FREE & Might work with Firewire :mellow:


The Roxio Video Capture USB Device:

GREAT! (been using one since 2008) You do not need or want any software for it, 2011 includes drivers and is better than anything that comes with it ;)

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