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Cannot write to DVD


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I have VideoWave 5 SE - upgraded from 4.

I can get all the way through the preparation and production. Then under 'DVD', it will see my DVD burner (in the drop-down) and it will arrange the files in Video_TS, etc. They are still on the hard drive.

And then it comes up with the message that it can't find a burner. For goodness sake!

I can 'retry' but nothing happens - the DVD doesn't spin up and the light doesn't come on.

I can burn with Nero, DVDShrink and Windows XP SP2 without a problem.

I have a custom built PC - not a Dell or HP. I run a Pioneer DV110B burner. 160 +80 GB hard drives. 1 GB ddr memory.

Anything I can do?



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Guest mlpasley

Possibly. VW 5 needs driver updates from Roxio to recognize newer drives.


Go to Roxio.com\ Software updates and install the driver update for Easy CD Creator 5. They use the same burning engine and it should work.


I don't remember if VW5 will burn to an 'image file', but either burning the DVD to an image file or to a file on your hard drive will allow you to use one of your other programs to burn the DVD.


Sometimes you have to do a 'workaround'. VW 5 has been out for quite some time and may have difficulty burning to a newer DVD burner. It's also true that some versions of Nero will have 'burning rights' for your burner.

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Thanks for that. I can now grasp what's happening.

I downloaded the driver but, as I don't have EasyCD installed, it didn't load. The message was "The Burning Engine has not been detected."

It looks like Nero has had it's day. I tend to uninstall programs that want exclusivity on my machine.

I'll update from there or, failing that, use one of my other programs to burn.

I should say that I find VideoWave a very good and flexible program.

Maybe it's time to upgrade :)

Many thanks for your help.



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Guest mlpasley

It probably wouldn't load because you have the SE edition. If I remember correctly, that's a stripped down edition.


If you decide to upgrade, make certain that your computer exceeds the recommended minimums.


I use Nero and Roxio successfully on my computers. You just cannot have the Roxio Drag to Disk and Nero InCD installed at the same time. Both are packet writing programs and they conflict.

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