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So I just bought this two days ago, or got it w/e. I started recording videos and I ran into a few problems yesterday. When i capture video using the Divx or AVI settings, it wont show up after i stop capturing. I think it's because i updated direct x. but wmv still works. and also, I captured this video and brought it to videowave and it looks like the image i'm posting. With the black bars, it shouldn't be like that, and didn't show up like that either. If anyone could hlep me out as to removing the black bars, so that the video will show up. Please give me some tips.



I have component hd cables all connected properly, my computer exceeds minimum requirements.




Thanks for your help!

~ Eric

post-96285-047732200 1308784310.png

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Looks like you chose 16 x 9 when VideoWave first opened.


When you choose Edit then VideoWave opens.

When it does you get this box pop up.


post-85-086292200 1308833504.jpg


At the top you choose 16 x 9 (Widescreen) or 4 x 3 (Normal).


If you choose 16 x 9 then you'll get the bars.

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I agree Tbrewst words.


Set your X360 to 16:9 output for 16:9 videowave profile or Set your X360 to 4:3 output for 4:3 videowave profile.


16x9 = Fullscreen on Youtube


4:3 = Vertical black bars on youtube.




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