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Roxio Game Capture Uninstalled Itself?



So I got my av cables for xbox 360 and it took a bit and alot of headache but I got it in color and perfectly in sync with roxio game capture software. I started to record a Cod game in theater but it stopped itself at 8 seconds and froze. I clicked stop and was greeted with the usual unknown error but the clip showed up in the folder. Now here is the issue. I closed the software and opened it again. I was greeted with this picture. It no longer showed a source and i get the no signal everytime i open the program. I have changed no settings from when it worked for 8 seconds. I tried ALL of the help in the forum and none of them worked. I know my computer is compatible because I recorded a tv show while waiting for my cable to show up. Any help ?

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Look in Device Manager and see if there are 2 entries under Sound,video and game controllers for Roxio GAMECAP.

Make sure that neither has a yellow exclamation or anything

If either does then run the software again and choose Repair.


Had this happen and that's how I fixed it.

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Hi bigj77,


Uninstall roxio software, disconnect RGC. Reboot your PC.


Go to ROXIO DVD drive root, find for : GAMECAP_USB_X86 (Windows 32 bits) or GAMECAP_USB_X64 (Windows 64 bits) and install correct OS system drivers.


Reconnect your RGC, the drivers is installed. Go to Device Manager and look in Sound, Vieo and Games controller for two roxio lines (audio and video). If no yellow exclamation, the RGC is correct installed.


Now get DirectX 9 update and install. Install RGC software, try and reply.

Connect your COMPONENTE CABLE on X360, turn ON, go to setup and make correct signal output (COMPONENT 480p, 720p or 1080i). Turn OFF.


Now connect X360 COMPONENT cable on RGC input side. Take the Component cablewho came with RGC, connect in RGC output side and connect to TV. Turn ON X360 and TV. Get image.


Connect USB cable to PC*/NB*/NBK* and enjoy.








PC* = PC (Personal Computer)

NB* = Notebook

NBK* = Netbook

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