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Green Box Mostly Never There In Wow.



World of Warcraft has been identified by installation Scan on Wineows 7 system and I have recorded several movies and pictures of game play.


What I do not understand is why many times Roxio is not present. Its not a blank recording...its no recording, no screenshot, not even green box in top left corner as when it IS working.



Same settings every time...but sometimes working...but mostly not. And I have found no trick or solution to knowing when it will show up or when it will not.



Will have to consider requesting money back if this cannot be resolved. Non working product does not keep money.

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OK. Figured it out but still consider it a bug.


Once you are done with WOW and close down WOW, the application (Roxio PC Game Capture) informs you that it is still working in the background. This falsely leads one to believe that when they double click on the icon as suggested from the task bar, and use the interface (Games) section to launch WOW again the next day...that it will be in control and able to take pictures or videos on demand.


The correct answer is that once you leave WOW, you must COMPLETELY close the application down - even from the Tray. Then start it again from shortcut, desktop, wherever...and THEN you can start wow using its listing in the (Games) section. With that is appears every time as expected.


The product should be able to do this so long as its running, launching programs and able to record and take screen shots as many times as you want to launch, play, shutdown (exit) the game and then relaunch later.




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