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Autorun Feature



I just purchased Toast 11 for more reasons than just be able to create an autorun CD for PDF documents. Nevertheless I figured it would be a simple toggle to allow a disc to autorun a specific file / doc from the CD when loaded into a PC. Unfortunately after dropping my interactive PDF into the toast drop zone under "Data" and dropping in my source folder which holds around 12 additional PDFs that open from the table of contents, I find myself confused. I have my CD still set at Mac and PC Hybrid and I checked the boxes for MAC both off and on while viewing the "More" option which features the autorun prompt, yet the only option I have for autorun inside that "More" option window is a dropdown labeled "NONE" and some text to the right stating "windows only".


So anyone have the answer on how to autorun a specific file from a disc full of files, even if they are contained separately from the 1 I wish to autorun???

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Yeah I could always do it manually and create the text file




save it as a autorun.inf file and drop it in the cd root directory but figured it would be much simpler having it created for me through a software application stated on many forums as a awesome feature from Roxio using Toast.


Maybe they meant for Audio | Video | Photos rather then data documents.

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The following is from page 54 of the Toast User Guide (Toast Help):


To select an executable file to autorun:

1 Prepare your disc as you normally would. See Making a Mac & PC Disc

on page 53.


2 Click More for additional option settings.


3 From the Autorun drop-down menu, select the file you would like to

launch when the disc is inserted in to a Windows PC.


Note: You can only use files that are executable on a PC (files

with extensions such as .EXE, .COM, or .BAT).


4 Click OK.


5 Record your disc.


The completed disc will have a hidden file called autorun.inf that is only

visible on a PC. This file contains the instructions that will launch the

selected executable on a Windows PC.

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Im following everything you are saying, just wondering if the .exe file would be Acrobat.exe if its a PDF I wish to open.

how would it be written as a text file



open=acrobat.exe name.pdf


and save it as autorun.inf ?


I think this will work. I will try it.

Thanks for your help.

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