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Beware The Wegame Thing!



i wasn't sure what the wegame thing was that's embedded in the program. it shows up as a camera looking icon at the top right hand corner of the window once you start the program. i thought it was something that was an enhancement for the software so i signed up. there isn't any real description of what it is or offers. it's just another e-merchant / gamer bragging spot / post your stats / put up videos and screen shots type of site which are a dime a dozen and are far too many already.


i have zero interest in another such site. i have a couple i use and there is no point in yet another to maintain. i just don't need to boost my self esteem with posting my gaming prowess. i have a full, successful life beyond the keyboard and game controller. i also don't want another live link to the Internet using bandwidth. plus, i have no idea of what kind of data they are collecting from me.


once i signed up and saw what it was i wanted to log off, or better yet, quit, resign, whatever. i see no way to do any of that. it seems to go active and stay active as long as PC Game capture is on.


even if i did want it, it's buggy. it posted all these games saying i added them and i don't even own them! it missed about half the games on my PC. worse, everything about it, especially the language, comes of as it was designed solely for adolesent teen boys.


i will likely have to uninstall the entire program and then reinstall it and just not sign up the second time and hope it stays inactive.

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