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Causes Test Drive Unlimited 2 To Not Launch And Crash



i bought this software primarily to prove a point with the game Test Drive Unlimited 2 where the cars become almost undrivable in the licensing tests with the PC version of the game. i wanted to video record what happens to post because most of the people who play this game seem to be console players and don't believe there is a problem with the PC version.


i have the Steam version of this game. when the video capture program is running, the Test Drive Unlimited 2 (referred to as TDU2 after this)will not launch. i click the game from the menu brought up from clickiing the Steam icon in the task bar. the TDU2 launch screen comes up OK. the first thing it does is it looks for what kind of NAT settings i have with my router. (it is primarily an online game) i have some 235+ hours in this game and my NAT settings have always been the same: Moderate: Port Restricted Cone, color coded orange.


when PC Game capture is on this changes to a number of different settings. i don't remember what they all are but they are all color coded according to degrees of "openess" with green being wide open and red being very restrictive. as i said, my usual setting is color coded orange. with the capture program running it comes up with randomized settings. each launch will be something different with no repitition of sequence. it has been both red and green showing a number of different configuration descriptions within each color. it has also occasionally come up with my usual setting. this NAT setting, according to the TDU@ Forums, has nothing to do with game play; it only affects communication with other players and player generated events such as challenges, invitations, and the like. the point is for some reason the capture program is affecting the NAT settings and causing them to come up with random configuration descriptionss.


after the launch screen establishes NAT informatiom, it checks the game files and then activates the "Start" button. when i click the "Start" button TDU2 acts like the game is launching. after clicking "Start" the screen always goes black for a second and then a sequence of several different screens come up as the game loads with brief black screens between each one. with this crash after clicking "Start", the creen goes black as it usually does. there is a brief glimpse of the swirling dots that indicate the game is loading that come up with the informational screens. those screens are also black with images around them so it's hard to tell how much of it is actually loading. again, i see just an instang with the dots and then the screen stays black for a few seconds. then it collapses to a black quarter screen in the upper left hand corner of my monitor and i get a Windows message that TDU2 has failed to start and the program will be closed. it also says i will be notified when a fix is found. then it goes back to desktop.


if it turn off video capture everything works fine. the correct NAT appears and the game launches. if the game is open and i [alt] + [tab] out, poen video capture, i cannot get the game to come back up. i have to open task manager and close it.


i did a file integrity scan via Steam and the game is fine.


before i bought it i was going to try FRAPS which has been a gamer capture and benchmarking utility for ages. the full version was price competitive with this. i have owned and used a lot of Roxio products over the years so out of loyalty i opted for this rather than the other. i think i will try the evaluation version of FRAPS and if it works i'm going to try to get a refund on this. i don't hold much hope any real help will be forthcoming.


i had less than gratifying support response previously from some Creator issues with the person offering help choosing to make sarcastic remarks rather than offering any help. i guess i was supposed to virtually prostrate myself before him and let him denigrate me first. funny how a lot of the helpers on these community help sites have "Little Man Syndrome". it left a very bad impression on me. but, i have seldom needed any help with any roxio products so my exposure to that kind of thing is limited. and the good people who actually do like helping are wonderful if you get one. so i'll see where this goes before i throw in the towel.


here are my PC specs:


Intel Core i7 980X 6 core 3.33 GHz processor w/liquid cooling

eVGA SLI3 motherboard

24 GB 1600 DDR3 RAM

2 eVGA GeForce GTX 580 Fermi Black Ops video cards each w/1536 MB, SLI config

160 GB SSD primary drive

1.5 TB Seagate Barracuda secondary drive

Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Champion Fatal1ty sound card w/ I/O panel

Cooler Master 1250 watt power supply

LG Super Multi Blu-Ray burner

SATA 24X DVD dual layer R/W burner

Cooler Master HAF ATX full tower enclosure

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1

Logitech Z5500 5.1 speaker system w/ all up graded surround satellites

2 24” HD LCD monitors

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i gave up.


no support from here. ultimately the software doesn't work for the games i wanted it for.


i applied for a refund and even that is a joke. i go to the customer service page in the email, put in my order number and password per instructions to bring up my order. then i'm supposed to click "request refund".


i do all that and my order page is open, only there is NO "request refund" anywhere! not on the order summary page, not on the invoice page. besides the page that's open there are only 2 other choices. clicking "home" takes me out and i have to log back in. clicking "customer support" is a page of FAQs and links none of which go anywhere i need to go. the invoice page has a "back" button. that's it.


try to log back into Roxio customer support to ask what's going on and now the order number is invalid so i can'r even do that.


sad, isn't it?


phone number? no.

alternate contact? no.

is this customer service? hell no.


i did try a trial version of FRAPS and it works fine so i bought a copy for $37.00 at their website. well, i gave Roxio a shot!

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