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Blu-Ray Burning W/ Toast 8 And Any Blu-Ray Drive



I am fairly new to Blu-Ray technology and understanding. Basically I am seeking blu-ray compatibility standards and system requirements information before purchasing.


I own a Mac Book Pro originally released in Feb 2008 (last titanium just before the 1st aluminum Mac book pros). It has the Intel "Penrion core 2 duo processor running at 2.5 Ghz. I am running under Snow Leopard 10.6.7, plus I have Win 7 Pro running under bootcamp. I am planning on purchasing an External Blu-Ray burner (possibly a LG or HP brand). I have attached 2 examples of LG brand blu-ray burners to this post (see attachments).


Originally the tech spec requirements mention only Win PC compatibility and PC software which does not surprise or alarm me because I have Win 7 as a dual boot under bootcamp. Optional question - Do you think this scenario will work even though it is not a dedicated WinPC with Win 7?


My main question is; can I still functionally burn back up data discs (if not able to play a rented blu-ray movie) on the Mac side of things using Toast? Note - I am not running Toast 10 or 11, but I am registered as a version 8 user which was the 1st Toast version to support Blu-Ray. I will possibly upgrade, but still want to know if Toast 8 can still function for basic data burning capabilities with any Blu-Ray burner sold on the market today?





post-96373-049452500 1309026560.jpg

post-96373-005552800 1309026562.jpg

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