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Which Dvds To Buy

Charlie Adams


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The Short List are Verbatim & Taniyo Yuden ;) You can read up, HERE.


With DVD's there is the endless question of 'plus' or 'dash' :P I use 'plus' for distribution and rarely hit a snag! Others use 'dash' and claim the same :lol:


Last time I looked, both claimed '80% Compatibility', meaning 20% of the time, neither will work!


2011 Pro includes the BD Authoring plug-in...


The Regular version does not!


Both versions require you to purchase the BD Playback plug-in, IF you want to view BD with CinePlayer...


Usually if you have a BD Player/Burner, viewing software was included so that plug-in is an option ;)


The Easy VHS to DVD, where you posted this, is a Hardware/Software package but is Really Limited since it was designed for One Task!


The hardware part, Roxio Video Capture USB device, is available as a separate purchase, should you need an A/D converter and it works with both versions of Creator 2011 right out of the box :D

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Thank you very much Jim for your immediate and very thoughtful reply. I have a stack of DVD +r which I think means that I can write to it and then write some more but never erase what's written to them. I think that's what it means.


I bought the Creator Pro 2011 with the USB thingy and told some friends I was going to copy VHS tapes to DVDs for them. Big mistake, 4 voice messages later this morning a friend dropped off a bag of tapes on her way to work! I had no idea there was this much pent up demand. Guess I'm going to have to charge folks to get some time away from the keyboard.


Thank you again Jim for this well thought out response.




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In addition to Jim's very thoughtful reply (thank you again Jim) I would like to post the response that I just got from Roxio customer support. A quick note: I am STUNNED at the level of courtesy and expertise in this Roxio forum and hope someday to get caught up and be a contributor. Thank you again Jim and everyone else for the posts that I've been reading to make some headway.


Here's the response from customer support to the question, "What KIND of DVDs to buy to write video files so you can stick the disk into a "regular" DVD player?"


Answers for your queries are given below:


1. You can burn DVD using both DVD RW and DVD + R disc. I would like to inform you that if you use DVD RW disc, you can erase the disc and re-burn new files on to the disc.


2. Using Roxio Creator 2011 pro, you can burn data files on to Blu-ray Disc. In order to burn audio and video files, you need to purchase Roxio Creator 2011 Blu-ray Disc Plug-in separately.

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I use DVD+R/RW and bitset booktype them to DVD-Rom what a bought disc is. Should eliminate the 20% for +R and 100% for DVD+R DL disc's..


Not all DVD burners, firmware, and burning software support booktype bitsetting +R media.


Post your drive ID string, I will try and tell you what your drive/s can do.


From device manager, post exactly what you see.


post-97-095741700 1309183856.jpg

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YES, I forgot about the booktype setting ~ thanks for bringing that up cd ;)


Charlie: You DO NOT have 2011 Pro!!!


Yours is the Regular version, Creator 2011 or may even be cut back a little from that :mellow:


The 2011/VHS bundle is a RETAIL ONLY package developed for Big Box stores, Amazon, etc. It has never been offered directly from Roxio.


Still, it is a good deal… You get the full-fledged editor (VideoWave) as well as the full-fledged Authoring program (MyDVD)


Check in Create DVD(MyDVD) and see if File-New-AVCHD is an available project type???


If so, you can burn AVCHD projects onto DVD discs… This will give you BD quality but is limited to Blu-ray Players which can play AVCHD discs


You would be able to play them on your PC with the included CinePlayer as it too should have the AVCHD capability???


Of course DVD's hold 1/5 of a BD so time is limited to about 40 minutes...


Let us know about MyDVD and CinePlayer for your version :huh:


You can ONLY REUSE discs designated as RW (re in the BD world)!


Any disc that is ‘R’ is write once. But in the case of Movies that are ‘Authored’ it is a one shot deal! You cannot add more later.


Certain Data projects allow you to add more later, but Movies are not files you slap on a disc! They are a specific format and the disc is closed, hence the term Authored


For converting tape – yes there are bucket loads out there that folks have put off! I just searched and the best price I say was $15.00 for 2 hours of tape… That is a jaw dropper deal! It includes trimming, menus, enhanced picture and comes in a case


(if anyone is interested, here is a LINK ;) )


Still, 10 tapes and you’re in it for $150 which most people wince at


As you have probably found out, each tape takes a lot of time!


No problem posting here, but it would be better to post in Forum for your software, 2011, Creator 2011 ;)

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