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Roxio Game Capture



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i just need to know is there a way to download the hardware software straight from the internet.. i don't have a cd-rom to install the disc that came with my roxio game capture im all screwed up and confused please help me :(



Hardware doesn't download through a internet connection! :wacko:


So it is a physical boxed version one gets when ordering the Roxio Game Capture Software/Hardware. Did you not check system requirements before buying it?

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Welcome to Roxio Cummunity Support! The snide answer you received is sadly all too typical across all Roxio products in the community help section. These people aren't Roxio employees (I assume or Roxio wouldn't admit to it if they were) but regular people who try to help others. Great theory but in the real world that isn't the case as often as it should be. It's like far too many of the people here can't answer your question without some barb or wise crack. Most times only a few people actually know the answers and they like to make people needing help feel bad. It as if they enjoy making you bow and grovel before them and let them insult you and be generally rude and obnoxious to get them to help you. Not all of them are that way but my experience has shown me more are nasty and sarcastic than aren't. It's like they have all this repressed anger and have meaningless lives so they need to find people seeking help which makes them feel superior and better about themselves. Every community hep forum has them. i don't know what they did before the Internet. Torture cats and shoot stray dogs I suppose. Help under those circumstances isn't help. I wish they'd find another hobby like pulling wings off flies. At least they'd serve some purpose other than fomenting ill will. They sure don't help the companies whose products they are supposed to be advising about.


That being said, I'm making a leap here and assuming you tried to install the program and things got messed up so now you are having trouble trying to reionstall from the disk. Do a search for a removal tool. Use terms like Roxio Removal Tool or PC Game Capture removal tool. If you find one, download it, install it and run it. What someimes happens is when you install a product certain entries and files are stored on your computer. In some cases if the installation screws up the files that were stored can lead a program to think it is already installed and a new installation attempt won't complete. It can be very tedious and risky to try to manually remove these files so a removal tool is used to clean out all traces so a reinstallation can be done.


Restating what you said, you bought the boxed version and had problems and you are asking if you can download a copy and use the key from the boxed version to unlock a downloaded version. Sound right? I don't know how Roxio works their activation codes. Some companies write their software so something in an activation code will unlock the program whether it's on a physical disk or from an internet download. You see that on eBay a lot where people sell activation codes. You buy the code, download the product online, usually a trial version from the software company's web site, and then enter the code you bought and the program goes live. Other companies embed a specific code in the software. If you download the program the company will send you that code via an email. The code you receive and the embedded code must match or the software will no go active. It's the sem thing when you buy a program and the specific code is in the package. Again, it depends on the software maker's approach. Some, that code could unlock any copy of the software; others make that code specific to that single copy of the software. You could try that code with a PC Game Capture download. If you can find a trial version to download, do so and then find where it says "register" or "Buy" and see if you can enter the code and activate it. if it takes you to a purchase page you can't do it that way. Even if you get a place that asks you to enter the code, don't be surprised if you get an "incorrect code" or something like that. If you do get an error, don't keep trying the code! It may -and I mean may- make that code invalid. I wouldn't risk it. Thta's happened before where a code gets circulated around and the software maker realizes all these people are getting thier product and using that code to activate it. That code gets black listed and no softwae that tries activation with that code will work.


Post back with what you tried and what you've done. Do you know how to tell what kind of components your computer has? If you do, plese post back with your processor type, speed, how much RAM you have, and what your operating system is. If you don't know how, tell me what your operating system is -Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.- if you can and I will talk you through finding out.


I'll try to help you.


One last thing- I've used Roxio's Media Creator products for about 10 years. Something I learned from using them is that if you run a utilty called a Registry Cleaner it can mess up the Creator product installation. It will still be there but things will not work, errors appear, etc. I have personally gone down this unhappy path several times. After I knew what it was I tried several registry cleaners and all caused issues. I don't know 100% for certain it happens with every Roxio product or id every known registry cleaner messes up the installation. To be safe, if you are using one, for now stop using it. It doesn';t sound like you are really well versed in the mechanics of using software so I won't talk about setting exceptions to safely use such a utility if you do use one. Again, if you do, stop using it! I don't mean a fire wall or anti-virus or other malware program- just a registry cleaner.

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