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Chris Haywood


Hi all,


Hope someone can help. I have just bought Creator 11 and i am trying to stabilize the video. I have followed the tutorial but when i click 'stabilize' no markers appear - at best it just stops the video from playing (i have also tried it when not playing). I have tried it with different video formats but still no luck. If i can get this feature to work - i would be so happy.


Here's hoping....



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Look closely


I have Selected the MAH00428 clip


post-39730-055156400 1309279398.jpg


Then applied Stabilize Video:


post-39730-020341900 1309279403.jpg


I then stretch it out so it covers 2 clips and most of a 3rd one:


post-39730-076382800 1309279407.jpg


Note that when it is Selected on the Fx1 track, the markers are present ;)


You can also adjust the settings to the right of the Preview Pane.

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