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Help With Menus/submenus In Creating Music Dvd



]I am a bit new to this but a quick learner. I am using Roxio Creator 2010 to create a music DVD (using Music DVD Creator as the default program. This is a DVD of music I enjoy from 1950 through 1959. I could use some advice and help with the two problems involving this project. Both problems involve the menus and submenus.


I have selected to navigate this music DVD using the Smart Menu features of Tracks (A-Z), Artist, and Years. I also selected the Play All and Shuffle All navigation features. In effect, these selections allow me to play the entire DVD in order from #1 song through #850 song and to Shuffle All so the songs play in random order. These are really nice features. Attached is an image that might help.


I can also search songs from an alphabetical listing by title using Tracks (A-Z), by Artist which displays in an alphabetical list, or by year (i.e., songs from 1955, songs from 1956, etc). This all can be accomplished using the Edit Audio Tag feature. I have also included track art I created for each song which is included for each track as a background image as it plays.


Now, for my problems.


#1. For each menu that displays, I can customize the menu to some degree, but I am only allowed 8 entries to each screen. This means only 8 tracks displayed on a menu screen and then followed by another screen with 8 more and so on. This could get cumbersome. For the Years menu, this means years 1950 through 1957 display on screen 1 and 1958 and 1959 display on screen 2, It would be nice to have all the years display on one screen with the appropriate links. So that, when I would click 1955 for example, it would display all of the songs that I have programmed to display for 1955. I would like to be able to display possibly 12 to 15 items on a screen rather than only the 8 that are now allowed. I found out that changing the text size doesn't matter with this problem.


#2. This problem involves selection by year. I cannot customize the background of any submenu. Whatever displays on the Smart Menu for Tracks (A-Z), Artist, or Years is what I have to live with. I can reposition items and change the size/color of text but cannot change the background for any submenu to these Smart Menu items. For example; Smart Menu Years will have each year display (1950, 1951, etc.) When I click on 1950, it will display the songs for 1950 but will not allow me to customize anything on that submenu screen. It would be be nice to have the backgrounds appear differently, the text size/color etc. appear differently. Also, as with problem #1, I am limited to only 8 lines of song titles per screen. It would be nice to have 12-15 lines available as above.


I don't have any problems with the track for the song. I selected All Tracks and customized the position of the navigation elements. Each image displays properly when the song linked to it plays.


To all of you have considerable expertise and experience with Roxio 2010, can these issues be overcome or will I just have to live with the existing limits of using Make a Music DVD.


Thank you for taking the time to through this explanation but I thought that the more detail I provided upfront might help eliminate a lot of the back and forth questions and responses.


Hope someone can help





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