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Bd Playback



hey ppl


Connected my PC to my TV to watch a Bluray Movie using cineplayer and as soon as i did the menu's stopped working.The pictures fine everything else is fine but no menu button options



so i removed Roxio From the computer completely and re installed. but still having the same problem ...even when not connected to the TV the Player is not showing menus


İ can still watch the movies but its very fustrating and was wondering if any could help...




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Normal Behavior :(


Not what you would expect, but with all the anti-copy processes built into BD Playback software, that is common among PC Players...


(I apologize for the quality of the pics but it is one i am playing with ;) )


There is a notification when a BD disc starts to play:


post-39730-018279900 1309691487.jpg


When that happens you want to use the Advanced BD Playback Controls, by clicking on the activation arrow at the right:


post-39730-022299700 1309691488.jpg


Then you can select UP-Down-L&R navigation buttons as well as Red/Green/Yellow/Blue buttons and bring up the 'Pop Up' menu:


post-39730-016345200 1309691489.jpg

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