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Spin Doctor- Version In Toast Limited?



I recently upgraded to Toast 11 and have been using Spin Doctpr to digitize old cassette tapes. I couldn't find an instruction manual anywhere, except for Spin Doctor 6. I notice that this version has many more bells and whistles than the version in Toast (Spin Doctor 1.01,


Is it my understanding that the Spin Doctor that comes with Toast is a basic version, and that you have to buy Spin Doctor 6 separately if you want the extra functionality?





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Nope. The version in Toast 11 is now called Spin Doctor X and is a new replacement for what was previously called CD Spin Doctor. The best version of CD Spin Doctor was the one included with the latest update to Toast 10. You probably don't want the standalone version Roxio sells apart from Toast because it doesn't work with newer Macs. I posted this guide in the Tips & Tricks topic pinned at the top of this forum. Unfortunately there still needs to be work done by Roxio on getting all the features to work correctly.

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