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DPI screen resolution


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I just want to ask if the resolution and dpi settings really matters? Not the OS your using?Thaks.. B)


Yes, they really do matter. No, OS doesn't mean much in this context. You said in another post that you were running Creator 2011 on a W7 machine. Creator 2011 can run on anything back to XP SP3 so OS in this case doesn't matter. Of course it won't run on Apple's OS. I doubt that anyone would try to run it on another OS (WebOS, Android, etc.)


How about you telling us what your issue is, if you have one so we can help. You have posted to a lot of general threads some of watch are pretty old but you haven't told us anything about you problem. Are you having the same issues that the original poster in this thread had?

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i think it is really matters in case you want a high definition

graphics on you screen you should have a higher DPI


Do you really read and understand the questions and answer? Perhaps there is a language translation issue.


Do you know what DPI is? Have you ever tried the suggestions you make to see if they are true?


Please come back after doing a little reading and change your answer appropriately.

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