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Toast 11.0.3 Issues With Two Drives



I have Toast 11.0.3 on a Mac Mini 2.53 server (late 2009 model) running 10.6.8.


I have this drive (Samsung) hooked up via USB: Samsung Drive and this LG Blu Ray Burner hooked up via Firewire in this case.


Here's my issues:


LG Drive: Can burn Blu-Rays just fine (I've used BD-R 25GB, BD-RE DL, and both work.) Verbatim DVD-R and +R SL work OK, as well as some old Office Depot CDRs. Toast refuses to recognize Verbatim 2X DL DVD+Rs at all in this drive. I can't even get it to recognize the Verbatim is inserted to burn it! This might be the drive, but it's happened with four packs of the Verbatims.


Samsung Drive: Can try and burn a Verbatim DVD+R DL, and it gets to 99% (writing lead out), and then an error pops up (I need to do it again and write it down, but it states it's a "Mac OS" error.) Workaround: If I use Toast to burn my project to a disc image, Disk Utility can burn it just fine on the same Verbatim 2X DL DVD+R media.


So... two questions:


LG Drive: Why doesn't Toast see the Verbatim DVD+R DL? Drive issue, Toast issue, ??

Samsung Drive: Why does the lead out fail at 99% every single time on a Verbatim 2X DVD+R DL? And, why can I save the project to a disc image and then successfully burn it with Disc Utility?


Maybe the Verbatim 2X DVD+R DL isn't the correct media to be using, but I've never had issues with Verbatim in the past...


Thanks, all!

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Good questions. My guess is the issue with the LG drive is a drive firmware issue. You might check if there is a firmware update available. The Verbatim DL discs I have are 4X and the firmware might support those but not the 2X formulation.


As for the Samsung burn stalling at 99%, it probably would work to burn the disc image using Toast's Copy window. I don't know why that problem happens but the workaround I've always recommended is to create a disc image and then use the Copy window to burn the image file. That one probably is a Toast bug that keeps Toast from starting the Writing Lead-out stage.

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