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SlideShow Images Stuttering



I can't think of a way to describe the problem I am having. During my slideshow I have inserted Black Color Panels between each picture and set the duration at 2 seconds for the black colored panels. But when I play the slideshow the image pops up in the black panels. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks so much!

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Yes, I did. Slow transitions...

That could be the cause of the problem then, if the duration of the pictures, the black panel, and or the transition is too short, they will overlap and you would get what you are seeing.


Example. Pic 1 is 6 secs, transition is 4 secs, black panel is 2 secs, transition 4 secs, pic 2 is 6 secs.......etc.

What happens is, the transition is split in half and applied to the end of the previous panel and the start of the next panel. So in the example, the trans would start when 4 secs of Pic 1 has elapsed (overlaps the last 2 secs of Pic 1), and end at the end of the 2 sec black panel, because it is the same length as the second half of the transition.


Check the duration on your pic's, transitions, and black panels and adjust for the way transitions work. You may just be able to increase the duration of the black panels at this point to say 3 or 4 secs and get the effect you are trying for.

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