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Over-Done Toast Downunder



I use Eye TV to record programs and would like to burn them to a DVD. Unfortunately I can't burn more than 120mins of video to a DVD using iDVD. By all accounts, Toast is the go-to program for anything to do with converting digital media on the mac. Even better, Toast 11 is only $99. Er.., that is, unless you live in Australia. In which case it is $A179. Hello? The aussie dollar currently buys 1.07 US dollars. I am sure Toast is a kick-&%$ program, but why do you think someone in Australia would be happy to download it for $179?

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Australians pay AUD 179.00, which is about USD 194 (+94%), quite a bit more than even Europeans pay (EUR 99.99, including VAT), which is about USD 144 (+44%).

(While I think the European prices are unfairly high, it is very common practice among software vendors to use 1:1 ratio for USD and EUR.)


Do note that the US dollar has made a dive in value, compared to the Australian dollar. But for digital content, the adjustment of prices shouldn't have to take this long, imho.





Apple has made price adjustments (November, July), to reflect the change in currency valuation. Others should do so too (again imho).


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