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Audiobook Creator Hangs At 80%



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this seems to be working. I have created two audiobooks without a hang. Now I am ready to create a longer book, over 12 hours in total length. It is my understanding that when I use the audiobook creator to send the file to itunes, it will automatically split into seperate files, is this correct? Or is it better to rip 10 disks at a time and send the portion of the book over one by one (the next book is 24 disks, so i would do 8,8, and 8) does this make sense?

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above link is how I am creating digitized audiobooks. by converting, I mean exporting to itunes.



i have 239 GB of space on my C:


I rarely reboot, and have no idea about cleaning files. some of the books I am creating are over 20 disks (each disk equals roughly one hour) the program (Roxio Audiobook Creator) tells me that the files have to be more than one file if they are over 12 hours long, and I never see multiple files.



am I using the program right?

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I rarely reboot, and have no idea about cleaning files.


That is as bad as never washing yourself, never brushing your teeth, always wearing unwashed clothes... you get the idea.


Reboot more frequently. You have so much junk on your computer that I'm surprised that it works with anything. You hard drive is probably so fragmented that your computer is having issues trying to piece together the files.


Use the Windows built in tools to clean your hard drive or go to cnet.com to download and run some virus-free tools. Here is a good article on computer maintenance. (Except do not do a registry clean).


Go here and read about some tools. I suggest CCleaner (but don't run the registry cleaner), Smart Defrag and Revo Uninstaller (to get rid of programs that you no longer use).


Come back if you are still having issues AFTER cleaning and doing maintenance on your computer.


BTW, you may want to update your computer also using this guide.


The above blue texts are links (just in case).

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