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slideshow audio synchronization



I have been working on a slide show which has 800 photos Plus some small videos. The learning curve on the package is relatively steep. I have read several topics on this subject and installed the hotfix. Here is what happens.


I put in the pictures, background music, etc. and then I narrate. The narration window plays back the slideshow so I can see what I am narrating. What happens is that it seems to lose about 1 second for every 5 minutes of narration/playback. What I do is the narration and then I start the playback and watch/listen. I should mention that I am still in videowave from start to finish so this is before transcription/burning, etc.


I have also noticed that it is possible, when things are really out of whack, to cut the narration and start over from the point of the cut and that will put things back into synch until it goes bad again. Tomorrow I will try and cut the narration and then push it forward as the narration always lags behind the slideshow. This also leads me to believe that the slidshow narration windown is actually displaying the pictures slower than actual playback! I have now done this several times and its repeatable. This also means, given the history of the synch problem that roxio should have identified and fixed this problem! (little wishful thinking here but saying that everybody else has the same problem kinda begs the problem).


After I play with the pushing of the track I will add the results to this topic. My only whine is that the computer takes so long to do these adjustments and is a genuine pain in the a.. I also tend to believe that if I narrate, for about 5 minutes, then stop, reset the spot and start again this technique should also fix the end result. The entire length of my slidshow is very close to 1 hour so this too will not come under the heading of "having a good time".


I would be grateful to anybody else who might have some thoughts on all of this.

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