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Sound Issues With Divx



I've been having audio problems. My computer totally meets the requirements but for some reason, whenever I use the DIV X format the audio will go from being normal to like demonically low pitched. While I'm recording the audio is perfectly fine, but during playback there will be sections where the audio will be low pitched, laggy, or super fast. AVI works fine but it takes up a s***load of space on my hard drive, and it takes forever to upload to YouTube. Any solutions? Please help!!

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I am having the exact same issue , The only thing i can recomend is recording in AVI and rendering in video wave , DIVX 720P @60fps , it really cuts down on the file sizes , and the quality is amazing .


Never use DIVX 720P@60fps for Youtube because will reencoder your video in 30FPS variable.


RGC only record in 30FPS.


For 480p(SD) use 848x480


For 720p(HD) use 1280x720


For 1080p (FULLHD) use 1920x1080


Divx will produce the correct format to Youtube, use this.





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