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Blu-Ray Authoring Stops At 99% Done



After Toast 11 was trumpeted and aggressively marketed, it's amazing how a major bug like Blu-ray burning would not have been checked prior to release - especially when charging extra for a plug-in to do so.


Further is that such a major function would only have a supposed fix (11.0.3) until June 2011.


After lost days and media stock re-trying a simple Blu-ray burn and having the system stop at 99% while appearing that it was busy and would not stop - I found a June post by Roxio that stated a new ver 11.0.3 could be found through the "check for updates" drop-down menu. It was NOT posted under Software Update/Support as it should've been - thought it says in the June post that it would be "next week."


After downloading the supposed 11.0.3 fix, the program extracts, then gives an error message (see attached).


C'mon ROXIO - this puts you out of the professional league and sends you back to the consumer home use amateur ranks.



Film & Television Director-Writer-Editor



OS X - Leopard

Toast 11 Titanium

Pioneer Blu-ray BDR-205 via eSATA II

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I've almost the same stuff except I use SL. I ordered a OWC Mercury Case Kit wich has a Firewire 400/800 connector. I will use that to see what it does.

I will move the Pioneer to this new case.

I'm not so eager anymore to work with eSata. I keep you informed.

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According to the blurb, version 11.0.3 will "Resolve an issue where some High Definition DVD projects and Blu-ray projects may hang at 99% of completion"


No, it does NOT resolve this issue. Blu-ray encoding is still hanging at 99%.


This is not just poor - it is unacceptable.

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