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Roxio Audio And Video Problems

Cory Thomas


I got the Roxio in the mail a week ago, and so far I've had both video and audio problems. Two things go wrong: With the audio, it will work fine for a couple of seconds to a minute, then it will cut out for like 5 seconds or so, and then go REALLY fast with the audio that it cut out to get to the current audio, and it does it OVER and OVER, then, with the video, I started recording both the game audio and my narration with audacity and what I found is that the actual VIDEO seems to speed up and slow down a lot too, not lag, but it will literally freeze for like 10 seconds, then the next second it will hurry and catch back up. Any suggestions? I'm using it on a Vista computer, so maybe if I try it on the Windows 7 it will work? Thanks for the help, and other than that, when it's not skipping and being irritating, the video and audio quality is great.

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