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Distorted Video Problem



I am having a problem with capturing while using my desktop PC. It works fine with my laptop but I would like to record on my desktop PC since it has lots of storage space for captured video.


The problem I am having is as follows:

This is what I see when I start roxio game capture



As you can see the video is all messed up.

So I tried the tutorial by Cauptain (http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/75216-ultimate-roxio-game-capture-guide/), but the issue still remains.



My PC specs (using speccy) are as follows:



Also while I was installing K-lite codec pack today, this appeared:



Initially I thought this was a problem between my OS (Windows 7 64-bit) and the codecs, so I reinstalled a 32-bit version of the OS. But this did not solve the problem either.

I have turned off AMD cool n quiet from BIOS as well. Any solution to this problem will be truly appreciated. Thanks.

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One of the best posts detailing the problem...

Congratulations BdotD, you provided all the information possible.


If the RGC works on your laptop and not on desktop, is a sign that perhaps "power supply" not energize her right.


This video distortion is a common when the problem is the USB port/POWER SUPPLY.


It would hardly be the operating system. Windows 7 is full compatible.


You could swap the USB cable. What is your power supply?





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Thanks for the quick reply.

I have Thermaltake toughpower XT 850W power supply (http://thermaltakeus...=1264&ID=1868).

I have the USB device plugged into the back of my PC.

By swapping the USB cable you mean I should change the USB cable or plug the USB cable onto another USB port?


Nice supply, hard its be problem.


Try both...Change cable and USB port.







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