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Help Please, Toast 11 Problems



Hello, I am hoping someone could help me please? I have a new iMac and Toast program to convert and save important dvd's such as my baby's ultrasound.

Problem is whenever I convert something, and no matter where I choose to save it, Toast will only convert and save the first 35 seconds exactly of whatever file I try and convert??

I'm sure this must be a setting fault somewhere, but I just can't find it?? It seems really strange that every single time I try to use this program, I only end up with 35 seconds of end material??


I really would appreciate any advice here, as this is very frustrating at present!


Thank you all.



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This likely is a problem with timecode breaks in the source video on the DVD. It is common with DVDs recorded by standalone DVD recorders. There is a workaround that requires use of the freeware application MPEG Streamclip (which in turn requires Apple's $20 QuickTime MPEG 2 Playback Component). What you do is insert the source DVD and open it with MPEG Streamclip. Streamclip may automatically alert you to the timecode breaks and ask your okay to fix them. If it doesn't you can choose Fix Timecode Breaks from the Edit menu. When it is done (this is fast) just choose Convert to MPEG from the File menu and save the MPEG video to the hard drive. Toast now can convert that mpeg file.


There is a less likely workaround that doesn't involve using MPEG Streamclip. Click the Video button in the Toast Media Browser and scroll down to DVD. There you'll see the titles that are on the DVD you inserted in your Mac. Select the title(s) you want and click the + button or drag them to the Toast convert window. Sometimes Toast can get past the timecode breaks when the video is added this way rather than the more conventional way.

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