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Does Creator 2012 Offer Flexibility On What Options To Install?



I've noticed that the last couple of versions of Creator have offered a lot less flexibility in what gets installed. Somewhere back areound Version 10 you could could tick boxes to indicate what you wanted to install and what you didn't. In Creator 2011 much of that flexibility disappeared.


Has any of that flexibility been brought back to Creator 2012?


I'm interested in purchashing the latest version (actually a couple of copies), but on one of the systems I really want to trim the installation down to just basic data burning features. I won't need any video, audio, or photo viewing / editing components on that machine or the space that they use up.


Any information regarding the available install options would be appreciated.

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No and the install problems are far less this way...


Would be nice to have it both ways but with TB HDD's it really doesn't matter ;)


Thanks for the confirmation. It's not really that I'm short on space, I just hate using space needlessly even though I have well over 100TB in HD storage, 5TB in SATA 2 SSD storage, and now 10TB in SATA 3 SSD storage (storage is what I make my living on) ;)


No matter how much storage I have, however, I simply don't like to install software that repeats functionality I already hve in other software. This trend of bundling software that performs 100 different functions when all you need is a few of those options irks me.


I'm a big fan of some of the basic programs such as creator classic, but I already have professional level audio, video, and photo software so I would rather just not install those pieces.


Thanks again for your response.

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