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Error Code -1576926719



I have started capturing gameplay recently with Roxio's Gamecap for Xbox 360.

I successfully recorded a session and sectioned it in 10 minute periods. I used the Upload to Youtube function via the Edit and Share feature that I received with the product. It rendered normally but when the file finished uploading, I got an error code saying -1576926719.


Does anyone know a solution?


Xavbull (xavier.bull@hotmail.com)

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The most advised thing to do is to upload it straight to Youtube, but when it uploads, it comes out with 00:00 time...


Hi Xavbull,


1 - Verify your files (codecs, bitrate, sound etc...)


2 - Verify your lenght file. For bigger files will work only with YT ADVANCE UPLOAD TOOL.


3 - Verify your Firewall settings.





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