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Dropping Slides From Dvd



To begin with, I've used 2011 for quite a while with little or no pblm. However, my current project is causing me significant problems. Here's where I am:

My current project has 4 individual slide shows that I want to burn on a DVD. Here's my process:

1. Due to limitations of my PC I burn the DVD in a two step process rather than a single one.

2. First I create individual slide shows and save them as an individual ISO files.

3. Then I combine the individual slide shows into a single ISO file using the 'Create DVD' icon on the main

menu. I apply an appropriate menu and audion too. When I previw (play) the individual slide shows

everything looks/sounds great.

4. Then I burn the resulting ISO file (contains all the individual files) using the 'Burn Disc Image' icon.


Everything goes well and I get a 'project successful' msg and the DVD is done. The pblm is that when I play the DVD in my DVD player, several slides are missing. I get a black screen for the missing slides and then the show continues on with good slides. Several slides are missing and it appears to be random. Every DVD I burn different slide will be missing. I'm particularly confused since when I preview the consolidate slide show, everything is great. BTW...When I add these slide shows to the DVD in step 3. I add them as 'movies'.

One more issue...how can I add a 5th slide show to the menu of the DVD?

I will appreciate any help someone can give me.


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Further to my previous request...after browsing the Discussion Files I think my problem can be best described as 'Dropped Frames'. I've done everything suggested in various threads ie; disable anti virus software and any other unneeded pgms. The results are the same...towards the end of my project, there are a number of 'dropped frames'. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance/John

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Since it is impossible to directly combine ISO files with Roxio, sure would like to know how you do that!


You did not actually say WHAT programs you are using but if you use Create SlideShows from the Photo tab, there is an option to edit in VideoWave.


Do that and then Export As from VW into a videofile of DVD quality. (one of the mpeg's would be great)


When done, open MyDVD and ADD those exported video files you made.


While I cannot guarantee it will work, it is better than just repeating the same steps that failed :lol:

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