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Reinstalling Roxio Creator 2011 Plus On Windows 7 X64 After Recovery



I have been with web support on this issue for some time. I originally installed the software on 9/22/2010 and used it for several months.


After sending the computer in for a hardware failure a couple of months ago, they had recovered the hard drive. When I attempted to reinstall the software a I get a screen that tells me the software is not activated and cannot be validated.


At that point I can go no further with the installation. I have followed all instructions in the web ticket for a clean install to no avail.


Now they are asking me to scan the receipt for proof of purchase. I am in the process of looking for that receipt from a year ago but in the mean time I have sent them a screenshot of the email I received when I registered the product and the DC Key is listed in my account as a registered product.


I Hope this resolves the issue as I do not want to go thru that receipt box if I do not have to. LOL


Has anyone had similar issues?

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