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Project Burning



I am new to Roxio and have built my first project with menus. Looks really good, just what i wanted. But when i select from the File menu, "Burn project to disc", and in the "burn project window", I check "Burn to disc", the "Burn" button is not enabled at the bottom of the window. If i click on "Folder set" then "Burn" is then enabled. It opens the "burn Project" window and goes though all the stages and says it complete but does not burn to disc. I have tried everything i know, even downloaded new media drivers from Microsoft. Please can eanyone help.


i read somewhere that not all Roxio 2011 packages have all the options and i am wondering if mine is one of them. how can I tell?

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Retail packages that you buy have everything working!


It is only the OEM junk that comes with a PC or Burner that is crippled :lol:


Without seeing a screen shot of your Project, it would be nearly impossible to guess - HERE


Not good to ever post your email in a forum unless you like spam.

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I hope you can now see my project screen. Please forgive my ignorance - i am trying to learn and put the effort into it.


I think you do not have a DVD burner. The drive you have can read/write CDs but is only able to read DVDs and not write to DVDs. That is why you do not get the "burn" to disc enabled. When you burn to a folder set you are actually burning the files as they would be burned to the DVD but they are created on your hard drive.


BTW, if you are replying to a post and you want to include the post as a quote, then click on reply and then type your response after the quoted text.

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