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Roxio Creator Premier Sd 10.2, Mydvd Burn & Playback

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I'm using the Roxio (Creator Premier SD 10.2) that came with my Dell Dimension C521 desktop. I've captured a video tape using Video Xpress hardware through roxio capture. After two help tickets from Roxio I have successfully converted my video tape to DVD. But...regardless of capture settings, render settings, and video card settings, every DVD plays perfectly for the first half of the movie and then starts showing stuttery, choppy, stills with no sound for the entire second half of the movie. I thought an anti piracy signal was causing this but after trying a video recorded from TV it is still the same. I thought it was my DVD disk (I tried +R and -R) both result the same. I used all the tips provided in the Roxio help tickets (changing settings and shutting down most of my computer etc) and its always the same. I thought it could be my burner so I used my HP desktop with the same Roxio installed and the result was the same. All drivers Nvidia GEforce 6150LE, and firmware are up to date. I did notice that the last time I burned a disk that I could hear the drive whirling for the first half of the movie and then slowed to a crawl for the second half of the burn. I think its odd that "as per Roxio help ticket" I render using software to create the project and then have to render using hardware to burn the project (If I don't the program freezes all over the place). I feel like I'm having to hop on one foot while chewing gum, patting myself on the head and stomach, turning clockwise, and humming a tune just to get the software to do what it should already.


WHY is the second half of every recording the same??? AND how do I burn the project correctly??? By the way the DVD plays fine on my computer, "ok - so so" in my stand alone DVD player, but acts as stated above when played in my bluray player; I thought it could be my bluray so I played it in another persons very high quality bluray of a diferent brand with the same results.


I want to update my help tickets and inquire this of Roxio but every time I try to access my help ticket history to reply and update, that part of the Roxio web site locks up just like this glitchy software.

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