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Split-Stereo Audio For Mastering?



I currently have both Toast 9 and Jam 6. I use Jam exclusively for audio CD mastering work because it enables me to import split-stereo audio flies (the kind that are created in .L .R-suffixed pairs, either wav or sd2 format). This is and has always been the native audio file format for Pro Tools, which is where I create the audio masters to be burned into a CD. Unlike Jam, Toast 9 does not 'understand' a split-stereo audio file, and treats it as two separate mono items in the masterlist instead of combining them properly into one stereo one. I can work around it, but it's a hassle - each split-stereo file must be converted inside PT to a merged stereo file beforehand - and then again each time in the event of subsequent revisions - which is quite often.


All of that is by way of asking a simple question:


Will Toast 11 allow direct import of split-stereo files into its audio CD masterlist?


If not, will this feature ever be added? It was a primary difference between Jam and Toast, and while Toast added almost all the features of Jam, it didn't add this one. Which is a deal-breaker for me.


Also, while I understand that Jam is not specifically 'blessed' to install in Snow Leopard OSes, it can be 'tricked' into it by simply copying it from another pre-SL system. That's fine. But I'm also told that Jam will not work at all on Lion, so its days appear to be truly numbered.


Like many pro studios, mine is very late to go to SL, so I'll be able to live a bit longer with Jam. But Lion is undoubtedly in my not-too-distant future. Will I be consigned to split-stereo file conversions in PT to use Toast at that point. Or switching to another CD mastering app?


Any info on this will be much appreciated

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