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Blu-Ray Size - Space Remaining Calculation Reversed ?





Was able to finally upgrade to 11.0.4 after the direct link post was made - again, most auto-updates on Toast 11 Titanium will download but not install because of an error message, so it is very important ROXIO that you please make the upgrades self-contained and downloadable here on your web site.


The issue was the Blu-ray stopping at 99.9% of completion and hanging the program.


Doing my first Blu-Ray Image using an external PIONEER BD-R writer, I notice that inserting my master disc results in the size and remaining/free space calculation to be inverted - the actual authoring/format-burn took 3.48 GB used space, with 21.72 free remaining (it is a 15-minute video).


Upon insertion, Toast reports that the used size is 22.56 GB, with less than 2 GB free remaining.


I don't know if this is just "cosmetic" - it seems that the write of IMAGE to my RAID system is taking exceptionally long, and I have yet to burn the copies from the image and determine if they copy okay.












2007 AUG MacPro


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