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Couldn't Set Up The Track For Writing

darryl y


I'm trying to make 12 BD-R copies from a 13GB BDMV folder. The first 8 burned successfully and then I got an error that said "Couldn't set up the track for writing". I insert a new BD-R, it burns all the way through and then gives the same error. The BD-R seems to work fine however.


If I set the quantity to 1, I don't get the error, but when it is done burning, Toast shows the file size of the disc to be exactly double and won't burn any other copies because now there is not enough room on the disc. Deleting the folder, creating a new disc does not help. The folder shows as 26GB although expanding the folders only shows 13GB - where does the other 13GB come from? I have to quit Toast and then add the folder every time I want to burn each copy.


Anyone else experience anything like this?


I'm using OSX 10.7.

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I don't know the reason for the issue you're experiencing but I have some advice. First, trash the Toast plist and prefs files in the User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast. Those preference files can get corrupted. Next, choose Save as Disc Image rather than clicking the burn button. This can be done either by choosing that option in the File menu or choosing it by clicking the button at the bottom of the Toast window beneath "Destination" and select Disc Image. When that is done burn the resulting .toast file using the Image File setting in the Copy window.

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