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Fcp Project To 16Gb Thumb Drive Via Toast



Hey y'all,


I am trying to have a better delivery to my clients rather than sd DVD and thumb drives keep coming up. a lot of my clients do not own BLURAY and like the idea of storing and burning there own discs. I have had many requests to offer a thumb drives for product delivery and wanted to rech out to see if any of you are currently or have the best way to accomplish this.


FCP/compressor is my choice of editing drug so I can export out of there to pretty much any flavor of codec needed. My questions lies somewhere between using Toast 11

(which I own) which is a little more user friendly than DVDSPro and could use a preset in Toast. Or, export out of compressor and drop to thumb drive. I really am unsure how to do it.. any walk through... ideas??

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So you want the final product to be something they can burn as a video DVD? What I'd do is prepare the video DVD project as usual and then choose Save as Disc Image. When that is done, change the .toast extension to .iso and copy it to the thumb drive. Many tools can mount .iso files and play their contents as a video DVD on a computer or burn the .iso as a disc image to video DVD. Alternatively you can mount the .toast disc image and simply copy its contents to the thumb drive in which case they have a usable VIDEO_TS folder.

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